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Combine with Virtual Attendees

Conf Meeting.png

CRE 8 is the perfect setting for executive meetings, with an emphasis on innovation and productivity, above formality.

Suitable for up to 8 delegates, CRE 8 has a variety of special features included in the room package such as magnetic walls, comfortable sofa seating, unlimited tea, coffee, soft drinks, and snack bars - both healthy and sugary!

The CRE 8 Room has bright turquoise walls with little bursts of orange in the furniture and décor. The combination of blue and orange provide an environment that not only calms and provides mental clarity, but also encourages lively discussions and clear decision making.

Our bespoke wall art further enhances the stimulation of discussion and inspire creativity. The CRE 8 Room has beautiful plants to promote rest and boost concentration. All the features in the room have been carefully considered to produce the optimum environment for creativity and productivity.

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