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Serenity Room

Combine with Virtual Attendees

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Serenity, located on the lower ground floor, seats 50 in theatre style (or can be split into two rooms of 25) and 40 cabaret style benefiting from installed data projectors, electric screen and climate control.

The room has its own lounge and refreshment area (Serenity Lounge) and has conveniently located restroom facilities on the same floor. Café Life is also located on the ground floor for a wider range of snacks and refreshments.

Serenity is defined as 'the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled'. Although on the lower ground floor, Serenity room has natural lighting providing a calm, and peaceful atmosphere. The location of this room, accomplishes the aim of meetings that require the 'untroubled' element.

Perfect for large boardroom meetings, training days and workshops, among other conference requirements.

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